Strawberry Primavera

very early and very productive

Summary of the main characteristics of the variety

Primavera is a very early variety with a stable production until the end of the season. Its compact size is very reminiscent of Splendor, with the ease of working with the plant that this entails. The size of the fruit is medium / large and stable until the end of the season. Brix level is medium / high and very stable throughout the picking period even in times of greatest production. The fruit acquires an attractive coloration at all times and a very homogeneous shape, which makes it an ideal product for commercialization since the beginning of the season.

Type of variety

Short Day


BG 63016



Type of plant

Compact - Medium

Fruit Size

Medium - Big

Fruit Shape

Strawberry Primavera plant

agronomist comment

Medium plant with average fertilization needs, it is resistant to pests and fungal diseases. Very good adaptation to the use of natural enemies thanks to its plant structure and high pollen production.

Ripe Strawberry Primavera
Strawberry Primavera Plant
Ripe Strawberry Primavera
Strawberry Primavera plants in greenhouse
Strawberry Primavera plant
Strawberry Primavera
Green Strawberry Primavera and ripe Strawberry Primavera
Strawberry Primavera

Type of plants we produce

Types of plant we market and when available

Potted plant
September and October
Bare root plant
Frigo plant
July to September
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Comment from the point of view of a consumer

I love being able to buy fruit of this quality from so early, it is incredible the color and the flavor that it has!